Qualitative Political Communication preconference at ICA14

by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

The qualitative political communication research preconference at the 2014 International Communication Association’s annual meeting in Seattle was a great success.


A success first and foremost intellectually in terms of the rich and diverse range of work presented.

A success also just in terms of the sheer turnout of people–more than 30 papers presented and more than 100 people signed up just to attend. We sold out, which we gather is not a common problem at academic conferences.

Those present in person–attendees, those who gave papers, respondents, plenary speakers–represent an important part of a community of people interested in the role of qualitative research in understanding political communication processes.

As do the people who were with us in spirit, and digitally, as witnessed by the lively stream of tweets around the #qualpolcomm hashtag throughout the day.

David Domingo has storified the digital parts of the conversation, which you can check out here to get a sense of the presentations, discussions, and remarks made by plenary speakers.

It gives a good sense of the flow of the day for those who couldn’t be there.

We hope that this website and future initiatives can help sustain that community and keep the conversation alive.

We are already working on the special issue of the International Journal of Communication that will collect some of the best papers from the conference, as well as on gathering some of the respondents’ and plenary speakers’ remarks and other material to publish here on the site.

Stay tuned.